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Who’s Dear Villagers?

Dear Villagers is the publishing branch of Plug In Digital, one of the leaders in game distribution.

On top of our mothership salesforce, we provide an extended support to our partner studios:

  • PR, Marketing & Events
  • Production Consulting
  • Funding & Business Development with 3rd Party Partners

Our strong worldwide partners network allows us to help our studios’ projects reaching a full new ambition: more visibility, easy console releases, new markets opportunities, brand partnerships…

What Games?

Dear Villagers focuses on single player PC & Consoles games.

We are looking for midcore to hardcore experiences with a twist and potential for multiplatform releases.

We’re not sticking to a specific genre but we crave for strong art direction, surprising narrative elements and deep yet accessible gameplay.

Our perfect match is a playful, distinctive and audacious game made by an engaging team searching for a convivial studio/publisher relationship.


Submit your game

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